🧐Who We Are

The Team

Our team is a mix of former traders, engineers from big tech and small, and avid defi users.

Some of us have been in the crypto space for close to a decade now while others are still relatively new, but we're all committed to an open and accessible financial system.

Come get to know us individually in our discord!

The Vision

Our vision is to bring DeFi to everyone by making it the go-to asset management platform it can be. In order to get there, we have to make DeFi a safer place for every day investment. That means reducing volatility and reducing risks with the latest in financial engineering.

At the same time, we've seen firsthand how gated and obfuscated traditional finance can be. We're dedicated to ensuring DeFi remains open, transparent, and honest. No hidden risks, no hidden fees.

Finally, finance should be easy. At the end the day we're all trying to build lasting wealth so Itos focuses on making safe and smarter investment strategies easy to use.

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