Itos Finance


Our upcoming releases!
Mainnet Releases
Expect Arbitrum and Avalanche mainnet releases in November!
Our Season 1 announcements will also happen then.
Liquidation-Free Borrow Lending
A money market where users can put on hedges to prevent ever getting liquidated.
This also allows you to borrow at higher utilization rates for even more capital efficiency.
Expected timeline is end of 2023.
Self-Funding Insurance
View all the protocols you're using and choose which ones to open insurance on.
If you don't want to worry about the insurance premium, we can help you setup a custom liquidity position to cancel out the expected fee costs.
Ultra-Short Term Finance
Earn more 50x more than concentrated liquidity position and earn a days entire yield in under an hour. But be sure to pay attention the whole time! With proper hedges, we can mitigate the risk of leveraged concentrated liquidity provisioning.
Open leveraged Taker positions to bet on price movements with up to 500x leverage. We don't recommend holding them for now, but they can be really useful in a pinch.
Long-tailed Collateral
Struggling to find utility for your low-market cap tokens? Use them as collateral on our money market. No token is isolated when combined with a Taker. Access more capital efficiency than ever before.
External LP Hedging
If you're LPing on another platform we can help you hedge it! We'll integrate it with our UI so all the risks are fully transparent.