Itos Finance

Why Itos?

Safer Yield

Our Hybrid Liquidity Provisioning strategies are the most advanced way to liquidity provide to date. Liquidity Providing to AMMs is still the best way to generate the highest real yields on-chain; however they come with serious risks. By combining liquidity provisioning with our convexity primitive, users can earn LP yields with unprecedented safety.
No only that, but we also make sure those risks are 100% transparent unlike other platforms. Try out our Maker strategies to find all the new ways to earn with safety.
See Liquidity Providing (Making) for more details.

Safer Investments

Our Volatility Reducing Strategies let anyone invest in a token without as much volatility. They're price-stabilized versions of any token on our AMMs. It's designed for people to want to buy and hold while minimizing risks, without having to manage yields.
Since your portfolio won't swing as wildly when crypto has its ups and downs it will be easier to:
  • Sell when you need to. A volatile price means when you have to sell you might be in the middle of a dip and get a bad price.
  • Compound. Compounding is the open secret to building long term wealth. A volatility portfolio prevents you from compounding your profits by making it hard to take profits to reinvest.
  • Rebalance. It's more difficult to maintain the portfolio percentage allocations you want when the market value of those allocations swing wildly.
Our vol-reducing techniques use convexity to fix these issues and are fully customizable!

Safer Leverage: Synthetic Optionality

Convexity protects users against loss on the downside and keeps profits on the upside. This makes it ideal for leverage because there is no sudden liquidations.
When TradFi needs convex leverage they usually use options, however options are a fundamentally off-chain product made for human settlement. In DeFi, we can do better. Itos offers Taker positions which are automated trading strategies that synthesize convexity without having to use an option. They offer the payoff of options without the complications.
Learn more in the Automated Market Taking page.

Maximal Capital Efficiency

We want our users to have all the tools institutions in TradFi have and that includes giving users as much capital efficiency as possible. We accomplish this with the most advanced cross-margining system in Defi. It enables users to borrow against any of their positions in responsible ways.
See Portfolio Manager for more details.